The Wild Rose's of Kauai

Aloha from Shalyn and Jordan, the Wild Rose’s! We figured the best way to introduce ourselves into the world of blogging, which we know very little about, is to share with you who we are and what our lives are like. From our blog posts we hope you find connection, humor, new wisdom, & perspective to our stories and interests. 

We have been dating and traveling together for over two years but have known each other for over 10 years from going to school together. We started dating at home in Green Bay, Wisconsin 20 days before Jordan was leaving for Thailand to get his Scuba Diving Instructor Certification. During those 20 days we fell in love and knew we wanted to be together.  Shalyn started looking into opportunities for herself in Thailand, found an internship with a fair trading yoga company and made plans to meet up with Jordan. Ever since we have been on this wild adventure called life. 

So, where does the name Wild Rose come from? Both of us share a nickname, Rosie- for separate reasons. Jordan’s last name is Rosek, his rugby buddies love to call him Rosie.  Shalyns middle name is Rose; many family members call her Rose, Rosie, or Rosebud. Roses are known to express love and passion; the life we have been forming together is nothing short of passion, growth, love and pure wildness.

Welcome to a day in the life of The Wild Rose’s of Kauai.

Jordan is up by 6 and is quickly out the door heading down the two-lane highway on his motorcycle to Port Allen to greet the morning scuba charter for Bubbles Below; Shalyn gets dolled up, makes a smoothie and is out the door for her job at Malie. After work, we play in anyway we can. Individually, Jordan likes to play basketball, make jewelry, climb trees, and play rugby; Shalyn enjoys practicing yoga, cooking healthy dishes, painting, playing with essential oils, and reading. Together we love to garden, hike, dive, go to beach, read and watch movies. We usually like to end the day by catching sunset and having a beer. Right now we are most excited by working in the shade house at our friend’s where we have started to grow and sustain our vegetable and fruit obsessions!

 We live in a one-bedroom apartment that's within the house of an 87-year-old lady named Carol. Her house is surrounded by a beautiful lush garden that she’s been working on for over 30 years. It’s filled with succulent plants & a vast array of colorful flowers. Held within the garden is a pool, 20+ chickens, roosters, 5 feral cats, 2 indoor cats of carol's, an avocado tree, and a view out the back lanai that makes all the lovely chaos of the garden quiet down. Carol isn't your typical 87-year-old, this isn't a typical living situation, and our life here is anything but “the norm.”  

With Jordan, you get to enter into the world of SCUBA through the eyes of a dive instructor. Jordan gets to share some of the best dives sites on the island with divers from all over the world. Many who come to this island just to experience Kauai and the famous Ni'ihau, which has been rated one of the best dives in the world. There are so many endemic fish, we have monk seals, we are part of whale migrations, our currents bring all sorts of critters from all over. The topography formed by lava is unlike anywhere else in the world. Jordan basically gets to produce an episode of Planet Earth for his job!  

With Shalyn, it’s all things yoga and anything else she comes up with! Shalyn loves to teach yoga, practice yoga & meditation, and play around with acro-yoga. Her teaching style is Vinyasa free flow; she has been teaching vinyasa and other forms of yoga for over 3 years, practicing for 7. Shalyn has a pretty open teaching style about her, meaning no set plans for class; she really does go with the flow of the students in class. If the energy is high, classes tend to have a lot more movement and just the opposite if the energy is low.  She recently set a new location for her classes; it is outdoors as well as in the shade house! She will be teaching 5 days a week and loves the idea that the yogis will be able to connect with the true nature of Kauai. Rooting down to the actual earth, being grounded, and allowing any potential rain to cleanse you; being truly one with nature. 

On the island of Kauai there are amazing hikes, waterfalls, farmers markets, beaches, and views. It's easy to get distracted in the beauty of where we live and the phrase, "it's just island life" really does have true meaning, to slow down and enjoy life. There is a lot of creativity, awesome people, lovely businesses and amazing food. In future posts, we want to share our passions with you more deeply and get more specific into certain parts of island life. Thank you for reading and we are looking forward to sharing more light & love with you!